Local History

Aspen Coke Ovens (Fairy Caves)

A heritage site of national importance

Aspen Coke ovens are one of only three sites like this in the UK. They are a reminder of our industrial heritage and the links to the mining industry that has long since left the area. Known colloquially as the Fairy Caves, they are visible from Blackburn Road. They are on the opposite side of the canal from the road so if you want to explore them you need to access the canal path from the Hare and Hounds or from the bridge near Blyths Chemicals.

Discovering Old Oswaldtwistle

A year long project to celebrate Old Oswaldtwistle

Walks are regularly organised by the Civic Arts Centre. The walks include short films and old photos. We take the old photos and match them up with current locations. In the months to come there will be more news about this project. If you want to get in touch or if you have old pictures please contact the Civic on 01254 398319.

Family History Society

Meets every Thursday

Situated on the corner of the Straits, just off Union Road, the Family History Society meet every Thursday and give regular talks.

History of Oswaldtwistle

King Oswald's village

The name is derived from "Oswald" and "Twistle". The word "twistle" is an old English word meaning "brooks meet". Legend has it that Saint Oswald, King of Northumbria passed through, giving the area its full title of Oswald's Twistle, which in time came to be Oswaldtwistle.

However, it is more likely derived from the name of the Anglo-Saxon who farmed the land. There is more information on the Wikipedia Page.

War Memorial

Built in 1925

Oswaldtwistle War Memorial is one of the biggest war memorials in the country for a township of this size. It was built in 1925 and all the money was raised by the local townsfolk.

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